01. He wasn't able to go out with his friends, due to a [lack] of money.
02. She won't get promoted to a management position because she [lacks] the ability to make difficult decisions.
03. He's a smart enough guy, but sometimes I think he just [lacks] common sense.
04. The local hospital [lacks] the facilities necessary to deal with this kind of medical emergency.
05. He didn't get the job, due to a [lack] of experience.
06. After having been apart for three months, my wife and I certainly didn't have a [lack] of things to talk about.
07. The book I got out of the library [lacked] the information I needed to finish my report, so I'll have to find a better one.
08. We [lack] the necessary software to run this computer program.
09. Eric Butterworth once remarked that poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a [lack] of money or things.
10. Gustave Flaubert once said that to be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is [lacking], all is lost.
11. There is an Egyptian proverb which states that silence is more than just a [lack] of words.
12. There is an Irish proverb which observes that there is no need like the [lack] of a friend.
13. There is an Italian proverb which states that he who has nothing, [lacks] nothing.
14. There is a Swiss proverb which states that the poor [lack] much, but the greedy more.
15. On his first voyage to the South Pacific in 1768, Captain Cook lost 41 of his 98-man crew to illness caused by a [lack] of vitamin C.
16. [Lack] of sleep is becoming such a problem for American adults that 8 percent say they occasionally or frequently fall asleep at work, and 19 percent say they make errors because of sleepiness.
17. Inexperienced language learners often [lack] the learning strategies necessary for independent study of a second language.
18. [Lack] of motivation, and the inability to enjoy favorite activities are just a couple of the symptoms of depression.
19. More than one billion people on our planet [lack] access to safe drinking water.
20. W. C. Fields once joked that reality is an illusion that occurs due to the [lack] of alcohol.
21. Early attempts to teach chimpanzees to speak were unsuccessful because the animals [lack] the necessary vocal equipment.
22. A recent study in Hong Kong suggests that [lack] of regular physical activity kills more people than smoking.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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